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Common Website Mistakes

The list below is common mistakes that are done on websites by amatures and professionals alike. Use this list to help make your site the best it can be.


Social Media should be simple.  Don’t make it hard for people to share your website.  Make it easy to post to facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. 


Crowded Websites are never fun to navigate.  Don’t put too many things on your website. Too much clutter makes people confused. More often than not, they will hit the back button if the site is too hard on the eyes.


Make your navigation menu easy to find.  Make sure to include services, about us, and a contact page.  Don’t keep more then seven tabs on the menu.  If your clients are unable to find what they are looking for they will easily loose interest in your site. 


Unappealing designs turn your target audience away.  Gear your design toward the right people and plan to sell your product by making it appealing. Poor deign makes your company look fly by night.


Misplaced Ads or Too many ads. This makes the website flashy and annoying, it can be frustrating for visitors.  Evaluate the placement of advertising by putting them in the right spots. 


Don’t have too many hyperlinks.  This causes overcrowding and looks busy.  It takes away from the purpose of the company and misses focus on hitting your target audience.


Don’t use animation and flash.  This causes downloading problems. Don’t make it complicated.  Keep it simple but impressive.  Flash does not work on either cell phones or tablets, so it will appear like a blank page on these devices.


Unscannable Content Format.  Trade in huge blocks of text for list format articles and how to guides. Break your ideas into paragraphs.  Readers use key areas to qualify content to read. Most readers like to scan information for what they are looking for, so keep it short. 


Don’t use low quality Images.  Low quality images damage a readers impression of your website.  Most readers assume any posted graphic is a reflection of the company.  Keep it high tech and clean.


Use Clear Content.  It’s vital to explain the services our company provides.  However, giving too much information about everything your company has done. Don’t make it too flashy and don’t fail to solicit and showcase customer reviews. 


Most important thing on a website is to have easy to find contact details.  Don’t hide contact information on just the contact page.  Make contact information easily accessible.  Have a phone number you can call or email address that opens  in the viewers default email.  Have a footer that allows viewers to see the contact information at all times.  


If you have any questions about what to include on your website contact us at or 608-592-6501.


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