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Owner, Designer



Amy Pierquet is the driving force behind Waterfront Graphic Design. For over 15 years, her endless flow of creativity has helped build and maintain a loyal client base. With a fun-loving spirit and fresh perspective, she understands the importance of client collaboration. Whether the project is in its beginning stages or has a solid base, she helps define a clear objective and find that competitive edge. Her unique artistic view, expert personal service, and swift support make the Waterfront Graphic Design process both easy and exciting.  Her passion for design and art led to her degree in Commercial Art. She also volunteers for several local organizations. 



When she is not working and volunteering in the community, Amy loves spending time with her family on beautiful Lake Wisconsin. She also strengthens her ninja skills as an avid martial arts student. Most recently, Amy started teaching self-defense to other women through her company, Women to Women  Self-Defense.



Graphic Designer



Kristie Pecard has been a steady stream of concepts and support since 2012. Her “mindreading” abilities have helped clients find just the right look and feel for their unique businesses, even when they are not quite sure what they are looking for. Kristie is full of surprises and delivers the best possible design solutions with high-spirited dedication, creative development, and idea generation. With client collaboration, she takes each project to a whole new depth.


When she is not making creative waves Kristie can often be found in her backyard with one of her favorite pastimes, reading. That is, if she is not shopping or delighting her family with her delectable cooking skills. 

Throw a pebble into the pond of inspiration...

start a ripple and watch it grow.

 608.669.4677     amy@waterfrontgraphic.com        W10994 Eagle Drive, Lodi, WI 53555

Located 30 minutes north of Madison, WI, on beautiful Lake Wisconsin.

We were honored to be awarded the Small Business of the Year award from the Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Chamber.