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At their annual dinner, the Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Chamber awarded us the title of Small Business of the Year. We couldn't be more humbled by the honor. Thank you to all of our clients for your support over the years. We are blessed to know you all.

February 2017 - Featured Client

Our featured client is Baskets and Beyond LLC of Dodgeville, WI.www.basketsandbeyondllc.com Waterfront Graphic Design worked with Baskets and Beyond creating their website and logo. Their need was to revamp and update their website. The accomplishments Baskets and Beyond LLC received were expressed by owner Chris as, “getting the look of the website we wanted.”  “Amy did a great job at the design with little input from us. It was nice, she just went with it.”  They decided to take Amy's recommendation and get rid of their current e-commerce site as they didn't use it, which was “changed to our satisfaction.”  Baskets and Beyond LLC, said the most impressive thing about working with Amy was “We had no idea what we wanted or where to start.  Amy asked us questions on what we wanted and where we wanted to end up and we just let her take the lead.  She did a great job.”  Baskets and Beyond stated once the website was up and going, if we had questions Amy from Waterfront Graphic Design was able to answer them.  “I know if I have any questions, concerns or problems I am able to call or email and get them taken care of right away.”       If you are in need of an initial or revamping of a website/logo, connect with Amy from Waterfront Graphic Design by emailing amy@waterfrontgraphic.com  or by calling 608-592-6501.​

Common Website Mistakes

The list below is common mistakes that are done on websites by amatures and professionals alike. Use this list to help make your site the best it can be. Social Media should be simple.  Don’t make it hard for people to share your website.  Make it easy to post to facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.  Crowded Websites are never fun to navigate.  Don’t put too many things on your website. Too much clutter makes people confused. More often than not, they will hit the back button if the site is too hard on the eyes. Make your navigation menu easy to find.  Make sure to include services, about us, and a contact page.  Don’t keep more then seven tabs on the menu.  If your clients are unable to find what they are looking for they will easily loose interest in your site.  Unappealing designs turn your target audience away.  Gear your design toward the right people and plan to sell your product by making it appealing. Poor deign makes your company look fly by night. Misplaced Ads or Too many ads. This makes the website flashy and annoying, it can be frustrating for visitors.  Evaluate the placement of advertising by putting them in the right spots.  Don’t have too many hyperlinks.  This causes overcrowding and looks busy.  It takes away from the purpose of the company and misses focus on hitting your target audience. Don’t use animation and flash.  This causes downloading problems. Don’t make it complicated.  Keep it simple but impressive.  Flash does not work on either cell phones or tablets, so it will appear like a blank page on these devices. Unscannable Content Format.  Trade in huge blocks of text for list format articles and how to guides. Break your ideas into paragraphs.  Readers use key areas to qualify content to read. Most readers like to scan information for what they are looking for, so keep it short.  Don’t use low quality Images.  Low quality images damage a readers impression of your website.  Most readers assume any posted graphic is a reflection of the company.  Keep it high tech and clean. Use Clear Content.  It’s vital to explain the services our company provides.  However, giving too much information about everything your company has done. Don’t make it too flashy and don’t fail to solicit and showcase customer reviews.  Most important thing on a website is to have easy to find contact details.  Don’t hide contact information on just the contact page.  Make contact information easily accessible.  Have a phone number you can call or email address that opens  in the viewers default email.  Have a footer that allows viewers to see the contact information at all times.   If you have any questions about what to include on your website contact us at amy@waterfrontgraphic.com or 608-592-6501. 

Is Your Website Over 3 Years Old?What does that mean for your business?

Seventy five percent of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website. The following criteria can let you know if your website is over 3 years old!  If you are finding any of these points are true to your companies website, then it is time for a redesign.  If your website doesn’t work well on mobile.More than half of searches are performed mobile.  You don’t want to lose market share to the competition simply because you were slow to adapt to mobile browsing trends.  Once you have fixed this you will tap into a massive and ever growing audience.  If your site is still in “Flash”.Flash has been outdated for the past 5+ years.  Cell phones and tablets do not support flash and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can’t read it which means it’s terrible for search engine optimization.  Flash is difficult to use, create and maintain.  As technology evolves websites must adapt.  Developing a responsive website design allows the site to respond to the differences in platforms, screen sizes, and overall functionality between desktops, tablets, and smartphones.  Are your search engine rankings low?Have you recently tried to find your website using keywords in Google? Did you appear on page 20? Look at your content. If the content on your site wasn’t written with current SEO trends it may be time for an update.  Make sure you are updating to have high quality content on your site. If your visitors aren’t sticking around or converting.If your web analytics show a high bounce rate, low time on your site and low average pages per visit, it’s a good indicator your visitors don’t find your current site useful. Think about what your potential client would like to see on your site. What questions would they have about your store or service and answer them. If you are unsure, ask some friends what questions would they have and write content accordingly. If your current website is not easy to navigate or the trends are outdated.It sends a visitor into alert when your site is out of date. If your site is out of date, how is your business run? Examples of out of date sites would be: when there is a musical intro upon landing on your page, if the navigation is hard to figure out or find, there is no call to action, the graphics look outdated, the layout/design of the site was popular years ago —  these are all good indicators your website is outdated or outgrown.  Content updates are difficult.  Content management systems are a good way to manage website content and if you don’t have one your website could be hurting.  Search engines require updates on a regular basis, if you can't access your website and make changes you are missing out on a huge piece of the SEO puzzle. All new website software options offer content management systems for you and your employees to update the site. The only constant we can expect is constant change.    A good rule of thumb is to redesign your website about every 3 years so to ensure you or your company stays fresh, functional and truly accessible for every user.  ​

First Impressions:Making Your Business Card Count

 “Could I have your business card?” “I’d love to get your number so we can talk more about this.” “Do you have a website I could check out?”Your business card is your first impression Every opportunity to share your business card is an opportunity to grow your business. And the impression that your card makes can make or break that opportunity.  Business card - frontHave you ever asked someone for their card, and one glance makes you a little suspect of their professionalism? Perhaps perforated edges scream “made at home,” or the printing is crooked, or maybe the logo design is a generic one you’ve seen before.  Make your impression count First impressions are instant . . . and lasting. According to Forbes magazine, the most important cues in a first impression are nonverbal-like the design impact of your business card. The look, feel, and message on your card give an instant “picture” of your business. What “picture” are you sharing, and what impression does it make?  Whether you’re just starting up, are venturing into something new, or have been around for a while, you need professionally designed and printed business cards to make the right impression.  Business card - backMake your message clear People should be able to glance at your card and tell what your business is offering. Your design, information, and logo should clearly communicate what you’re about. That means a card with a look that garners interest, that shares the information potential clients want, and that carries a design saying you mean business. People love a unique card . . . they want to hold on to it. If your design is catchy and interesting, your contacts won’t forget you.  While oversized or unusually shaped cards might get immediate attention, they typically don’t fit into card files or cases, and they often end up in the trash because their shape makes them awkward. If you want to push the envelope and stand out, do it through an intriguing logo or design.  Make every part count Another way to make your impression count? Use the back of your card. Too many businesses keep this blank. And too many start-ups use cheap cards with another company’s advertisement printed on the back. That’s a huge “no-no”: after all, which business do you want to advertise-theirs or yours? Be smart about the back of your card: add a marketing message, catchy tagline, or social media info that makes you memorable.  Don’t forget that your business card is ultimately about contact information. Include all of your info and make it easy for people to connect with you using today’s social media. In addition to the basics, like phone, email, address, and website, include Facebook, LinkedIn, or other links your potential clients and contacts use.  Need more help with your business card layout and design? Contact Amy today at amy@waterfrontgraphic.com or 608.592.6501. Waterfront Graphic Design will help you make the right first impression every time.​


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We were honored to be awarded the Small Business of the Year award from the Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Chamber.